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Why Asking is a Sign of Strength

Ever been in a situation where you notice things are not going your way? You feel afraid to ask for help. You think you are weak. I've been there and here is my observation on how to overcome these situations. Ready?

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In-house Outsourced

Here at Finlabs, we’ve coined a phrase that we use to describe a key factor in the dynamic of our team and how we work with our clients. "In-house Outsourced". But what exactly does it mean? What are the key principles behind it? Let me help you to understand how we bring this statement to life at Finlabs and how we think everyone can benefit from this model.

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Why understanding business makes you a better developer

Let me start with a brief introduction where I came from and how I got to where I am today. Early on, when I was roughly 7 years old playing Commodore 64, it hit me hard and clear. "This is something I want to work with in the future." So I spent my childhood doing normal teenager stuff (not gonna share dirty details 🤫) and graduated as a Bachelor of Science-oriented in software programming.

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When an Android developer goes full web mode

It's been a while since my last blog post, but I have been busy diving into the world of web (more than just googling 😀). In my previous posts, we have been working with React Native and how we came up with our productivity tracker tool TicTok. Soon after release, we got feedback that many people on industry work with their laptops all day long so, in those cases, a web application would be much more convenient for their use. As always we here at Finlabs take our users opinions seriously and started hammering out a web application.

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Announcing new partnership with Client Studios

Client Studios, a Helsinki based digital design company, and Finlabs today announced to strengthen their ongoing co-operation with an exclusive partnership in web and mobile application development.

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React Native Currency Formatting Done Native Way


This time we will be walking through custom components and calling native code to achieve currency formatted text that was used in the TicTok task monitor project. I initially used masked text for formatted text, but since there became more currencies I decided to create a component and do the currency formatting in Android/iOS code. So, here are the steps you need to do and code samples for currency formatted text component using a native module. 😎

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TicTok – Productivity Tracker & Top 5 Libraries


When I started the development of our TicTok - Productivity Tracker, I immediately faced the question of what libraries should I get. Which ones do the job properly and are robust? Here are my top 5 picks to consider when making an app with React Native.

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React-Native and the Sea of Libraries

Welcome back!

In my last post, I told you that using libraries will save you time and is a must. I still stand by that statement, but as I have learned more, high reward also contains high risk. What I mean by this is that the more 3rd party libraries you have, the more complex the dependencies of each one become, and it can lead your project into the situation where the glue just ain’t strong enough and bits and pieces start to break. You might find yourself struggling with compiling errors, endless workarounds and spending hours, even days on figuring out the fixes.

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From Android to React Native

Hello there fellow developers!

Glad you made it here. So you are interested in React-Native but feeling little bit unsure? Is it good enough? Can it really replace native Android and iOS applications? I cannot tell you yes or no, but I can share you my journey coming from native Android world to explore possibilities of React-Native.

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The Story of TicTok

We have just launched our TicTok app after some rapid-fire design and development. TickTok is a super simple time/task monitor aimed at anyone that needs to keep tabs on what they’ve done and how long they’ve spent on it.

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Product design, strategy, development and marketing knowledge all brought to you with a strong dose of human.

Product design, strategy, development and marketing knowledge all brought to you with a strong dose of human.

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