Working at Finlabs

Are you ready for a new challenge in an environment and culture that is crafted for exploration and growth?

At Finlabs we focus on talent, not numbers. We're always on the lookout for the best, brightest, and most importantly, hungriest talent to join our team. If this sounds like you, read on.

Our Culture

We work hard to develop the culture that best facilitates collaboration and an ability to succeed.

We have evolved a culture that allows individual evolution to occur naturally by breaking down rigid role structure and encouraging our team to constantly learn from each other. This forms a team of multifaceted experts that already understand who to turn to when new challenges arise.

We work hard and play hard. We know that the massive amounts of brainpower needed to tackle the challenges our team faces requires a good amount of relaxation in the form of team happy hours and outings. As a group, we regularly decide on our next team-building excursions and ways to strengthen the bonds within our ranks.

About Us

The Benefits

We occupy a new office located in the heart of Oulu on Rotuaari, corner of central square. We also have studio space in the heart of Helsinki and in New York. Our offices are built to ensure an inspiring and professional atmosphere with awesome colleagues and a strong working culture.

We provide a very competitive salary with benefits. We recognize our employees are the most important asset of the company and support their professional growth by constantly providing new opportunities to learn new technologies and to participate in different training sessions all over the world. We strive to make sure hard work is rewarded and our team never has a reason to look elsewhere.



New York

401 Park Ave South
10th floor
New York
NY 10016

New York

401 Park Ave South
10th floor
New York
NY 10016


Kirkkokatu 13 B


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Leverage From EU


We're always looking to stretch our legs with new challenges and problems to solve. If you are interested in enlisting the help of Finlabs shoot us a note, make the connection and we’ll channel you to the right Finlabs team member to discuss your challenges further.

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