Placing career success in the hands of caregivers


Finlabs was approached by CareConnect to help them conceive, design, and develop a solution to allow healthcare staffing agencies to manage and maintain their caregiver workforce.

The Care industry relies on a remote workforce of caregivers that are always on-the-go, and constantly hustling to find more work. Generally, caregivers will work through agencies that manage and maintain the shifts that are offered up to them from their agencies and monitor their scheduled shifts. With an ever-growing remote workforce to manage and a heavy influx of new and changing shifts, it is extremely important for agencies to maintain seamless and efficient lines of communication with their caregivers. This allows them to staff and maintain shifts far more effectively.




Project Highlights

  • Complete visual and UX design that sets up continued products evolutions and feature expansion.

  • Both iOS and Android apps built native to their respective platform.

  • Developed to seamlessly integrate with the larger platform eco-system.

  • Built on Amazon Web Services for speed, stability, and scalability.

  • Complex matching algorithm to match caregivers to shifts and minimize costs and travel times.

  • User research studies and continuous concept workshopping with the client.


Crafting a catch-all experience

The caregiver demographic is wide-ranging from the young, more tech-savvy workers, to the older generation that tends to shun new technology solutions. As a result, we had to create a solution that delivered the experience made possible with new technologies in a way that wasn’t frightening or confusing.

Our Approach

Working closely with our partners at CareConnect, we created a plan for an MVP that would satisfy the needs expressed by the agencies, and deliver a native iOS and Android app that tied directly into an agency management system that was being developed simultaneously. The plan was an intensive 3-month period of research, brainstorming, design, and development in order to go from the initial idea to a fully functioning eco-system. Mission accomplished.

Designed for Ease of Access

To counteract the need to memorize credentials to use the app, we developed a system whereby the only required information to activate, or login to the app is email. Delivery of a magic link then opens the app and, following a simple verification process, the user is in. No need to write down elaborate passwords.



Clear simple shift delivery

The app experience revolves around shift invitations and requests. Push notifications constantly nudge the caregiver to newly available shifts delivered to them by the agencies they are connected to. These shifts are clearly displayed in the app with bold options to request the shifts they like. Once requested the agency can review the caregivers wanting the shift and assign their best match.

Dynamic Itinerary

As the caregiver builds their list of assigned shifts their calendar is automatically updated. The app uses key messaging times and pushes notifications to the caregivers making it easy for them to stay on time and keep on schedule.


Our Contribution


• Product Strategy
• Product Management
• Roadmapping
• User Research & Testing


• Interaction Design
• User Experience Design
• Brand Design
• Rapid Prototyping


• iOS Development
• Android Development
• Technical Architecture Planning
• AI engineering & Machine Learning
• Cloud Services Technologies
• API development

Technologies Used

AWS Lambda
AWS Kinesis
Circle CI

circlesml-Dave Dave Papworth
Finlabs CCO. New York

As a creative, rarely do you get a project that involves undertaking everything from branding to concepting and creating an entire service. For that reason, this project has been a hugely complex and challenging, but satisfying one that has left me very proud of the Finlabs team and my personal part in making it happen.

We really needed a partner to help us bring our vision to life. One that could run with us on the vision but keep us on track and on time without compromise. That's exactly what we found in the Finlabs team.

Justin Jugs. Head of Product at Sandata Technologies

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