Simplifying productivity and task tracking for freelancers and remote workers


How can freelancers live up to earning their desired income?

For almost anybody, time tracking is key to efficient billing and effective scoping of work. We found that current time recording systems don't tackle the inherent problem of accuracy and that the root of the problem lies in an inability for constantly shifting workers to effectively recall what they have done, and when.




Project Highlights

  • Complete visual and UX design that sets up continued product evolutions and feature expansion.

  • Built with React and deployed as an Android and iOS app.

  • Flexible notification system to allow users to adapt the app to fit their schedule.

  • Simple “log what you just did’ approach as opposed to relying on users to be proactive with timers.

  • Can directly connect to employers on the iworkie system to facilitate teams tracking.

Set Daily Progress

By representing the active day as blocks of time or a timeline, we made it easy for the user to assess their progress on projects and tasks in whatever way makes the most sense. As they log time their view builds up resulting in an accurate representation of their day, as it happened.



Customizable Experience

Any activity a user wants to track a project within the iworkie app is customizable in a variety of ways. Users can set their options from the name to the color of each individual project.

When a project is completed, it's simply archived, keeping the data for reference while removing it from active project choices.

Works with the User

Everybody's work needs are unique, and their workday is different. As a result, we provide the iworkie user the ability to set their own working hours as well as customizable alerts nudging you when to log time. Additionally, hourly rates can be applied to time logged to generate projected income.



Historical Reference of Time

With iworkie, we eliminated the need to trawl back through emails or calendars to try and see what you did on a particular day. The recorded activity is always accessible through a calendar allowing users to dig into their activity, and more accurately trackback day-by-day and review where time was spent.

Our Contribution


• Product Strategy
• Product Management
• Roadmapping
• User Research & Testing


• Interaction Design
• User Experience Design
• Brand Design
• Rapid Prototyping


• React Native Development
• Technical Architecture Planning
• AI Engineering & Machine Learning
• Cloud Services Technologies

Technologies Used

React Native

The Results

iworkie has been in the App Stores for over a year under its old identity, TicTok. A steadily growing and dedicated user base has been acquired purely through word-of-mouth and minor marketing efforts. The recent rebrand to “iworkie” signifies a renewed effort to grow the concept with a focus on freelance and remote workers.



circlesml-Dave Dave Papworth
Finlabs CCO
New York

It felt great to take a problem I recognized from my own experiences and apply a simple solution to solve it. In doing so we have unlocked many other benefits that we hadn’t thought of and as a result, this passion project keeps growing. One of my favorite personal projects to date.

This absolutely improves my work and daily life efficiency. I have seen similar apps before, but I found this one was more user friendly.

Actual user from App Store review

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